Placenta Remedies

Placenta Encapsulation - $225.00


Placenta Powder - $175.00

Placenta Cubes (raw smoothie) - $175.00


Healing Salve  4oz - $30.00


Placenta Tincture 4oz - $20.00


Placenta Print - $15.00


Cord Keepsake - $10.00


Placenta Chocolate - $25.00/per 45 pieces


Post Birth Smoothie - $25.00 

Placenta Cookies  $20.00/ per dozen 


Placenta Tincture Gummy $30.00/per 90 ct


We keep the process simple for you with our pick up and delivery services

Pick up and delivery of the placenta and placenta products are included within the Greenville County -Upstate and Lancaster county - Midlands

There will be a transportation fee for all pickup and delivery outside Upstate - Greenville County 
Lancaster County- Midlands
Transportation fee starts at $25.00 

There is a $75.00 non-refundable deposit due at time services are booked for local placenta encapsulation services. Payment plans are available on all services.  All services must be paid in full by 37 weeks of Edd

Placenta remedies are not FDA approved and should not be used as a medical treatment for any physical or mental condition.